High Five is proud to have the very best coaches in Durham each summer. These individuals run amazing programs in their schools and we at High Five are very fortunate to have them with us. Each year, we have many of our former campers come back to receive their volunteer community hours or to work for us as counsellors. These counsellors get to work with our head coaches and are able to learn many valuable coaching and teaching techniques. Many other camps have student counsellors who act as head coaches. Although having student helpers is an important part of the coaching team, we feel that having a qualified experienced teacher and coach is one of the most valuable things we offer.

Listed below are the instructors who have helped us with our camps and who can answer any questions you may have about our program.

Mike Glanfield Retired
Courtney Burnett Brooklin Village P. S.
Steve Chambers Glen Dhu P. S.
Rob Dyment Blair Ridge P. S.
Chris Dunn Sherwood P. S.
Dave Fitchett Lester B. Pearson P. S.
Megan Glanfield Crosbie Heights P. S.
David Hogg Carruthers Creek P. S.
Sue Pipher-Hogg Romeo Dallaire P.S.
Angela Cowan McCaskill’s Mills P. S.

Ian McNee Eastdale H. S.
Teena McNee O’Neill H. S.
John Mistele John Dryden P. S.
Katie Morgan Gandview P.S.
Phil Ovsenek S. A. Cawker P. S.
Kevin Rodgers Pringle Creek P. S.
Todd Smart Norman G Powers P.S.
Lee Stone Saywell P. S.
Maggie Webb Col. Farewell P. S.
Joe Wrigley Cornation P.S.